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I’m Ashley, Founder of At Last Denim. All throughout my life, shopping has never been easy. 

My legs were too long for jeans, my torso was too long for shirts and you can forget about long sleeves. I was never loyal to a brand because I was never represented by a brand. So I decided to do something about it.  

Little did I know how difficult starting a denim company would be. I started this journey back in my Brooklyn apartment in 2016.  4 years later – I’m finally here, with jeans, made for tall people. 

Here at ALD we will be focusing on providing you with high quality, premium denim that is responsibly sourced and manufactured.  We care about the environment and understand the impact the fashion industry has on it.  We take extra care in making sure we are responsible and minimize our impact.  See more about that here!

 We currently offer a limited supply of styles,   washes and sizes but have a plan in place for   additional offerings in the near future!  Tell us   what you want to see from us next! 

 The more we hear from you the more we can   turn this company into a company that   represents the people who have been left out   for far too long. 

 Stand Tall,