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Humble Beginnings

Girl with short jeans
It was a beautiful day in Bayridge, the sun was shining, the R train was running on time and it was perfect favorite weather...jeans and a t-shirt kind of weather.

So, I decided to go shopping.  I had plenty of t-shirts but my jean game was lacking so I thought I would venture out, again, in the search for a pair of jeans.  BAD IDEA.  I spent the entire day going from store to store trying to find jeans that were long enough to wear in this perfect jean and t-shirt weather and I couldn’t.

I was miserable, frustrated and pantless.

Making Moves

I decided enough was enough and thought, how hard is it to actually make my own jeans?  I can find fabric and a sewing machine and just make my own, right?  I started doing a little research, and I’ll save you some time here, it’s hard, really hard.  Also, I can’t sew.  I tried.  I failed.  So that didn’t help my cause either.

Denim Sewing machine

 So it was on to the next idea.

 Pay someone to make the perfect jeans for me.  And not just me, for everyone who has ever struggled to find jeans that were long enough!  

There were so many questions that I was so excited to find the answers to. 

Why don’t companies make jeans for tall women? What makes the perfect jeans perfect? How do you get in touch with factories that make the jeans? What is most important to me when it comes to denim? What’s important to everyone else? How do I pay for all of this?!?


I started to find the answer to those questions and many more and 4 years later here I am, with jeans for tall people.  

It’s been quite the experience with so many ups and downs, small successes and failures, some MAJOR failures, (more about that later) but I made it and I’m so happy I have the chance to share these jeans with all of you!

When you are shopping for a pair of jeans, other than length, what’s most important to you?

Stand Tall,


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